I am in New Orleans but got this email from friends in Belmopan. This is copy and paste so forgive any trouble in reading.



Subject: Re: HurricaneWatch
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 07:31:05 -0500
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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the mail.

We are doing fine. All of yesterday we were getting light rain and winds.
We lost power about 6pm and it was returned about 11:30pm last night.
Apparently a tree fell on one of the lines. Most all of the problems has
been in the north and on the northern islands. Heavy rains and winds have
caused damaged, but so far no one has been hurt. In Belize City, some
houses are collapsing and some houses are losing their roofs. They were
without power most all of yesterday and last night. Presently, the
hurricane is about 30 miles north east of Belize City and have been there
most of yesterday and last night. Late last night we started getting rains
and some winds and it has not stopped since then. One of the main concerns
is the rivers flooding. Some of the highways are also flooded - some places
it is 2 to 3 inches over the highway. The radio station has been really
good in reporting everything that is going on all over the country as well
as passing along messages for families concerned about each other. They
have lost contact with San Pedro and Caye Caulker - these are the 2 islands
that got hit really hard.

Anyway, we will keep you updated as best as we can.