This is the filming at Portofino and La Perla, and other places in the area...

Chef Keith Jones, the host of "Taste Of Belize" shares his culinary experiences with us as he travels through the country of Belize. On this particular day of shooting we catch up with our host as he prepares to embark on a magical journey with Local Tour Guide Ras Creek and Belize's Local Sports legend Clinton "Pulu" Lightburn. This particular tour will take you around the island of Caye Caulker and through the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. We will see Chef Jones interact with a friendly Sting Ray as he take his first dip in the warm healing waters of Belize. The Cayes are a series of islands off the coast of Belize that are protected by our Barrier Reef. The beauty of Belize and the series of islands that run the coast line is that they are close to the mainland in distance, but miles away in the ambiance that each Caye creates. Every single Caye has a personality and a lifestyle of it's own so you can island hop for the whole day and really get a different Taste of Belize in a short period of time. Travel safely and we hope you enjoy the video. Taste of Belize will be aired on Colours TV during Winter 2010. Colours TV is a Denver based, multi-cultural networked, which is carried on Dish Satellite with a viewing market of about 19 million households.

Nigel P. Miguel
Belize Film commissioner