Just thought I would throw this out for what its worth. Last fall when we booked this trip we called Casa Caribe and booked our two bdrm condo directly with them. The guys talked with a woman there named Georga. We sent a down payment and received a confirm number in the mail. The resort was to bill the balance to the Visa 30 days ahead of our arrival. So the bill comes last week and there is no charge.When the guys called, Georga was no longer there and they had no record of us comming (yikes, we leave in four days!) They then offered us a one bdrm condo (we are two couples and good friends but hey we're not THAT close). We asked to speak to someone eles and that gentleman confirmed we were not on their list but said sense we had a confirm number he would find us a place. He blamed the hurricane for wiping out their computer which may well be true. So live and learn from our mistake and check those reservations before you hop the flight. I might just pack a refrigerater box so we have some place to stay while we're there =)
Luckily I love an adventure and I have faith it will all work out fine. But I guess faith got us into this mess in the first place.