Belizean buses are no longer allowed to enter Mexico during the weekends. According to the Mexican Embassy, as part of their modernization project – all buses will be subject to what’s called “Gamma Ray Screening” – it is like x-ray for buses to detect contraband and illegal immigrants and since it isn’t done on the weekends – buses won’t be allowed to cross the border on Saturdays and Sundays. Public Relations Officer at the Mexican Embassy Marcelino Miranda says that Belizeans can still cross the Mexican border but they can’t do it on a bus.

Marcelino Miranda, PR Officer – Mexican Embassy
“There are rules in Mexico that have to be followed and that is the reason why the Mexican Government through Mexican Customs has started to inform Belizean buses about these timetables. This means Belizean buses can cross into Mexico but they have to do it within this timetable. At the moment they cannot cross because the gamma ray screening is not working during the weekend.

Passengers can cross into Mexico. They have to get out of the bus, the Belizean bus, they go through Mexican Immigration and Customs and they are allowed to go into Mexico. There are plenty of transports available at the border, they can use these and travel to anywhere in Mexico to Chetumal, to Cancun, and so there is no restriction about passengers – it is just about Belizean buses.”

Miranda says the rule also restricts Mexican buses and it is being implemented at all border crossings.

Channel 7