New life has been given to the San Pedro Semi Pro soccer team which now goes under the new name: the San Pedro Seadogs. The new management team appears to be more organized than previous teams and is bringing much fanfare to the once dwindling following.

The Ambergris Stadium had not seen the presence of so many fans in a long time, as hundreds filled the bleachers and outskirts of the stadium to show support of the San Pedro Seadogs who hosted Corozal’s Shanaiah in the first game of the BPFL closing season. It was a very festive event that was topped off with the Seadogs taking the victory with a 2- 0 final score.

Miss San Pedro was in attendance to officially make the first kick and open the season. Joining her was a slew of pom pom girls, young boys in Seadogs uniform and even the R.C. Marching Band who entertained the crowd during the opening and half time break of the match, even Rompe Raja was present at the stadium to entertain the crowd.

The new management team has organized various committees who are in charge of the entertainment, food and drinks and promotion of the team. This makes for a well-organized group that has assembled a team made out of local players; there are no paid players from abroad this time around. Fans are now surely looking forward in attending the home games and bringing Ambergris Stadium back to life on Sundays once again.

Scoring the two points of the match were Gabriel “Gabo” Hernandez and Angel Catun during the first half of the game; the Seadogs were successful in warding off all goal attempts by Shanaiah. The Seadogs travel to Belize City for their second game of the season.

News Source: News 5

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