Matt (one of the pilots) is a good friend of mine on the island. Hes a very serious pilot. He is licensed to fly many levels of planes. I dont know why everyone assumes its just some guy piloting that did a 3 day course. the dudes been flying for almost 15 years.

The flights are 20mins but he says they generally stay up for 25 or so depending. The cost is $140 (i think) i will confirm this tomorrow morning.

I asked him why there wasnt prices on the website before and it was due to some legal stuff being fine tuned.

As far as the rest of the website goes, the site up right now is getting redone (by me) and will be up sooner than later. The new website will have prices and be a lot more informative.

Again, these guys are VERY serious about safety and having quality REAL pilots. these are not just people with a toy taking up tourists for dangerous thrills.

Ernie/crackedup you'd probably be impressed with the professionalism that this team displays on a day to day basis.

I will see if i can get matt on here in the morning to answer all the other questions that I didnt.