Hey everybody,
I'm one of the pilots flying for Toucan Fly, so you may see buzzing around from time to time in one of their colorful little birds. I was asked by a good friend of mine to get on here and see if I could set the record straight on a few matters.

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of info and professionalism on our website. Trust me, I've been wanting to make some changes to it from the onset, but we're a small company with limited man-power and we've been buried in bureaucracy getting the proper authorizations in place for our up and starting business.

Secondly, both of the pilots currently flying these aircraft hold US ratings in proper category and class. We both have Certified Sport Pilot Flight Instructor Certificates in weight-shift control, and I'm one of maybe five people in the US who hold a weight-shift private pilot with night privileges.

These aircraft are typically referred to as "trikes" among pilots and categorized as "Weight-Shift Control" by the US FAA. I have personally flown these machines since 1995 when I began taking lessons. I soloed in 1996 and have been flying them regularly since. Since then I have acquired almost 2000 hours in just trikes. I have flown them all over the continental US, Hawaii, West Africa, Russia and Alaska. In the past 10 years I have also gained certificates in single and multi-engine airplanes, gliders, as well as received endorsements for water and snow operations.

Our other pilot has been flying trikes for 10 years and has held a private pilot certificate since 1984. I cannot attest to his experience beyond that, but I can say that he is by far one of the most methodical, conscientious, and predictable pilots that I have had the privilege of flying with.

We're both US FAA rated mechanics in this category of aircraft and work diligently to keep them maintained in safe operational condition. Our aircraft maintenance program either meets or exceeds the requirements placed on us by the aircraft manufacturer, US FAA regulations and the Belize CAA.

This brings us to my third point, which has to do with regulations. I see there are rumors that we are not bound by regulation - which, let me assure you, is NOT the case. We have to maintain current and legal US Pilot Certificates, maintain the aircraft in accordance with regulations placed on us by the US FAA, Belize CAA, and the aircraft manufacturer, and operate within the privileges and limitations placed on us, once again, by the US FAA, Belize CAA, and the aircraft manufacturer.

We by no means have a shortage of oversight and regulation to abide by.

On to the important stuff: Prices. We are currently charging Belize Residents $220 BZ and visitors $300 BZ for a 20-25 minute flight around the island. The passenger gets to enjoy the reef and lagoon like never before on these flights. We haul one passenger in each trike and always have two trikes in operation.

I hope this helped clarify some things. I'm off to the airport. Feel free to call if you have any questions: 632-0701.

Thanks a lot!