Hey gang~
We're traveling this March to CC to explore, snorkel, and get our "open water dive cert.". I've been researching the dive shop sites of CC and have read several reviews. I'm not asking for specific dive shop recommendations as many people have bias's born of their own personal perceptions (ie; good or bad manners,old equip.,hidden charges,lack of professionalism or skills,personal conflicts,etc...). I'm not deterred by old equip. as long as its safely functional, old and tattered wetsuits are simply cosmetic and of little consequence as well. We're not wealthy so are interested in an inexpensive package (we understand "you get what you pay for" regarding quality of instruction and equipment). We're studying the PADI open water cert. manual and learning about dive table calculations (PADI & NAUI), and are practicing calculation scenario's with a software tutor program so when we do arrive, and locate a cert. provider we'll be better prepared to comprehend the academic element of the program. Also, we'll be bringing our own mask, snorkel,and fins. We would appreciate any advice this forum might dispense concerning most essential questions to ask each company regarding their program. We know Frenchie's offers a package for 325./person and that's within our budget target. Can open water cert. be had for less than $225./person? Does anyone know of hidden charges we should anticipate (from any of the company's) we should address when we interview them? any company's lack specific pieces of equipment essential for a rounded educational experience (ie;dive computers), I suspect one could get the cert. in absence of learning to use a dive computer (pre-calculating dive sequence on deck with dive tables) but we'll accept a lack of a piece of equipment if it's not absolutely essential in the learning process. We understand there are only 4 dive cert. company's on CC, is this correct?. I can't think of anything else to ask and welcome any input anyone here might offer.
Thanx again,
Jerry and Connie~