So I just got back yesterday from AC and had a great time!

Someone that me and my girlfriends were extremely creeped out about down there kept coming back up. Let me start off by saying I have done extensive travels in the MiddleEast, Asia, and South America. So weirdos are no big deal. People that are extremely mentally unstable do ring alarm bells though, so I thought I would post this warning.

While staying at our hotel/resort a local man with a small bmx dirt bike and dreads crossed the resort line to the sun chairs we were sitting in (a big no-no). Once he interrupted us, he began to tell us about this great free school he runs on AC for kids and how he is some DR of neurology, and how he wanted donations for his school. He became very condescending and passive aggressive with us in a way that really freaked us out. We did out best to be nice and shoo him on his way.

soooooo..... anyways....
Once back in the states it was time to do some research on his credentials and "degrees" ect... Here are a couple things that he is stating on his website and claiming to be, and no records can be found of any of this.

1. He was on oprah
--No record found
2. On his own website ( he claims to be "Juilliard-trained musician and Yale-and-Harvard-trained physician"
--No record found
3. In a article written in 2004 ( his 175 foot boat "the sea ranger" was attacked in portland harbor by "assassins" working for the KKK, and sunk. Thank got his $15000 dog was able to pull him to another boat?
--No records of this with the Portland police department....
4. He was a captain and doctor in the US air force, and he is also a "Professor of Child Psychiatry", and is "currently Director and Editor-in-chief of the worldwide Harvard Intelligencer" (
--No record found.

Anyways you see where i am getting with this, like I said before I have got the runaround from cons all over the world, but this guy seemed real sketch. So people on the way down, heads up for that freakshow, and locals down there, WTF is the deal with that guy?