Thanks iluvbelize! That is absolutely correct. To compare our trikes to maya's and tropic air's Cessna aircraft is about the same as comparing a jet ski to a san pedro water taxi. I wouldn't be too stoked on traveling to belize city on a jet ski on regular basis, nor would it be too wise to bust out donuts and jump wakes in the water taxi boat.

We lean more towards the jet ski business. We're about fun: we fly colorful two seat birds in good weather only, and we don't haul luggage. We simply provide the opportunity for tourists to take home some sweet photos and memories of their trip to san pedro and allow residents to see the island from a whole new perspective.

A lot of people of people prefer the big safe water taxi to jammin' around on a jet ski, and I can completely respect that. For them I would suggest chartering a Cessna for an excellent aerial view of the island. Maya or Tropic will happy to arrange that for you, I'm sure. For the those of us who like a little excitement and the sound of wind noise, feel free to give me a call: 632-0701

Thanks a lot for flying with me, AC! I'm glad you had a good time. I certainly had a blast!