Thanks everyone for the tips! I do have a few ideas of how to make it a bit "different", and in adding in some extra amenities for renters. Also, I'm not counting on the money from renters, but certainly hoping for some! In the meantime, I'm trying to balance out what to expect. We are building on the west side, on a waterfront lot near the new Marina.

I've been looking at the availability calendar's on VRBO and some other similar sites and it seems that most of them are are booked for a reasonable amount of time, however I have no idea how much of that time is booked due to owners time in Belize, and how much time is taken up by renters.

CaptOneIron - thanks for the two suggestions, though I'm not sure if that is the same situation as those are developed properties and I would be looking to rent out a single home.

Thanks for the help!