My wife and I are planning a trip to AC for next March. We are trying to finalize our decision on where to stay. After weeks of research on this site as well as others, we have narrowed it to the following:
Victoria House
Captain Morgans
Villas at Banyan Bay
Caribe Island Resort

Our priorities in what we looking for, in order of importance, are:
1. Nice beach (we donít dive, we do snorkel some, but mainly we want a nice clean beach where we can enjoy the water, atmosphere etc. No sea walls.)
2. Rooms with kitchens, or kitchenettes of some kind. I think VH is the only one that does not meet this criteria.
3. Nice pool.
4. Good restaurant and BAR on the premises.
5. Nice service and accommodations.
5. Nice for couples.

A couple of other things we have wondered about...

Is CM too commercial since Tempation Island.
Caribe Island seems almost too good to be true for the price. Is there something we have missed about this place?

So, what does everyone think. Where should we stay. Your input will help make our decision on the Final Four!!!!