I'm not saying that people shouldn't be paid an honest living wage. On the other hand, why should it come down to unions and government regulations? I love San Pedro and all of the people that I have met in my stays there. I am not from a state that has a history of being very "union friendly" and we seem to have something like the 10th strongest economy in the world. I know a little about being underpaid though too. I was a carpenter for almost eight years. I then went to work for a drilling company on a drilling rig. It is great pay, hard work and usually pretty undesirable working conditions but we choose to submit ourselves to such an industry. We have no unions and OSHA never bothered us until this past year. Most of us wish that the government regulations, including OSHA, would just let us do our jobs, no matter how bad the conditions may be. I guess that my point is that some people believe in less government regulation in a free market system. Let the workers decide what is fair for them and let them work for it.
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Well, he must not be a skilled worker then, and /or have secondary conditions (like free board or/and lodging). Still far above the minimum wage which is BZ$ 135 per week. When people want to work for that and is is not illegal, I see no problem.