Anything they can...that's all that can be expected. People seem to be a very adaptable species when need be. Trust family moved to San Pedro something like 20 years ago with next to nothing. You would be extremely surprised at what they have now. And it seems to only be naive when people want more and more. From my travels to SP, especially years ago, people were extremely happy and content with what they had, which was not much then...probably much less than most of them have now. From what I have seen (I seem to stay off of the beaten path), Belize has been much better off than most of the other countries in the area. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be paid more in some areas of expertise but it should all be up to a deal between the worker and the employer. I don't wait on the government or a union to negotiate that in my case and I would not expect others to do so. I used to live in a town were $400us a week was pretty good pay. Could you live off of that? This was not a town with just a couple hundred had over 17,000. I know that is not alot but why would so many people live in such a low wage area? Because the wage was set where business could boom and people could live comfortably.

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