No you're right, I didn't. I can imagine that they may not have been very happy when the helicopter passed overhead, but do you have knowledge that it went beyond that? And do you therefore think that those videos shouldn't have been made and/or those tourism flights shouldn't be offered? GoB seems to think they're a good idea.

I don't know about the na, na, na, na, na card. I'm just trying to get to the bottom of your undeniably considerable objection to these microlights. You've offered several different reasons so far.

On safety, do you have any recent statistics on accidents with microlights in commercial operation? When they were new and only in private use there were lots of accidents, just as there were with hanggliders and other innovative devices (can't think of a better word), but I thought they had matured so that they are capable of very safe operation.

You say AC overflights won't bother primates. You're bothered, aren't you? But in any case, why single out primates? Surely birds and all mammals - all animals, in fact - are just as worthy of our protection, if they are materially affected?