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Well, excuse me, but I hope you have read the entire thread...without the hype by the planted supporters, paid or not, (or given free rides). But please, I would never begin to say most of us...without hearing from plenty of locals. But, Jesse, bunches of us (which I will use in the future) don't like the ultra lites, and don't like the supporters that own them...
Does that satisfy you?...and I'm supprised I got knocked off line, must be a coincidence, as soon as I posted this.

GwenA, while my opinion posted earlier in the thread was supportive of the use of ultra-light aircraft as risky but possibly fun entertainment, I am not a "plant", nor was I a passenger, nor am I paid by anyone to post my opinions here. I stand by my post. Sorry to hear you were bothered by the operation that apparently has ceased.