Diann..agree with you girl! We always take things with us that we think the local folks would enjoy, as well as the kids,but the natives of AC are sooo wonderful, I could not imagine opening a suitcase of goods and SELLING items to them. Most of us who visit are so fortunate, it almost seems wrong to sell anything to them. Donate, yes,money to the schools, clothing for the kids, moms, dads, etc.We always take tee-shirts and shorts with logos from our local teams, etc., and give them away, as well as candy and other items for the kids,who are so cute! I am going to load up on beads, clasps,and any other items that the children might need to make their bracelets and necklaces that they sell. They give so much to us by sharing their beautiful island with us that I think it is only fair. Only my opinion, guys...don't take offense if you want to take items for resale, it's your choice!

Mary and Scott