We were in AC for a glorious 10 days and went fly fishing for 7 of those 10 days with 4 different guides. All 4 guides were really super - all very experienced and patient.

Without any doubt at all, however, the most incredible guide we have ever gone out with (including our trips to Alaska, Montana, Utah and Idaho) is GEORGE BRADLEY.

George's enthusiasm is incredible and contageous. He is tremendously energetic and attentive to everything that is going on. His knowledge will astound you! Lastly but certainly not least - he is honestly such a nice man with a great personality.

My fiance, Rob and I, had the such a great time fishing with him (albeit only 1 day - book in advance... he is popular!!)

If anyone has any questions about fishing or guides my e-mail address is [email protected]

What a place! What a great time!!