I'm so glad to hear that we were not the only ones to buy. On our last day, we were just walking around in San Pedro and saw Southwind Realty. Just for our info, we walked over to see the price of real estate. Tricia was on her way in the door and told us about some condos. We took a boat ride up to Belezian Shores. It wasn't at all what we would ever do... but when she told us about a home south of the city, we were intrigued. It is about 3 miles south, right next to Carib. Island Resort. It's a cute little 2 bedroom with a loft. And it came furnished... although we are going to redecorate. I think there are a few places to get furniture on the island, and I hear that several men there can make anything you have a picture of, and it is beautiful. As far as the fabrics, thats a different story. But Tricia at Southwind has the name of several people who will ship your stuff. It's pretty pricey... and if you are going to rent, you may want to rethink that. We also visited a home on the island that was furnished by stuff from Mexico. Absolutely gorgeous, and very cheap!!! Good sturdy beds, tables, etc. So you at least have some options...
We (all of a sudden) have many friends... all of whom want an invite to AC! We are thinking of renting our house too, probably during the summer and fall (maybe to SMU students), since we will not be making the trek then. We are looking for someone to look after the property for us, and also some kind of housekeeping service, so if you run across any info on that, please pass it on.
My husband and I have travelled extensively and planned on buying on an island somewhere. Thought it may be Cayman until we saw beautiful Belize. I know it's not for everyone, but that's a good thing! My friends all say that I'll have a hard time, lack of sports and shopping, (but that's what planes are for, and I will be in my regular seats for every home Florida State football game, and make my regular trips to Buffalo for Bills and Sabres games). The husband may move down in a year or too, but I'll just be a part-timer.
Keep me posted on your progress. We are leaving May 30 for the closing, and will be down a week. I'll pass along any info to you as I get it.