Thanks for the info M-A!

Another Nole here, huh? Do you live in the area? I live 60 miles north of Tallahassee.
I am a true Nole (see my post name...) I have a sports room (including the big screen), have videos of all the games for off-season... I even bought my car from the same place that furnishes Bowden with his. I told the salesman that I wanted the same spear and feathers detailing that Bobby gets, he told me no, but when we offered cash on the spot if he would do it... well, I am sporting the spear and feathers!
I almost always have extra tix for football games, let me know if you want to go...
I'm hoping several of our guys will be getting major payoffs this weekend...
PS: (I can't believe I haven't made some remarks to the post-name "Gator-something". I am being very restrained. Will be going through Gainesville tomorrow, maybe I can stay out of trouble.