Uh oh.. i think what i have is contagious... [Linked Image] well, here's the dirt. when?? who knows... where am i staying?? depends on dese here dudes on dis board... JUST KIDDIN!! lol...
No, seriously tho; I'm not so sure. I had it all planned for this week [Linked Image] but I let someone drive one of my cars, and well... long story short, they totaled it!!!
#2 problemo... I need knee surgery... (dang.. dere goes my following!!) My first thoughts and needs were just for R&R in da water, but, now I am going to get certified (yeah, I know, I'm already a certified NUT case lol), so in order to do that, I've got to get the surgery done. So... now that I've thoroughly answered your questions.. NOT!! I'm so sorry to say I don't know [Linked Image] But, I'd love to meet up with you, and in fact a lot of happenin people from dis here board, so, I guess we'll see. Living in Colorado, well, you've heard.. I can't stand the winters!! Summers aren't bad 'cept for the lack of WARM water, but, I want to go in winter to escape the torture, so most likely not til then... big time bummer!! But, I can be persuaded... lol
As far as where to stay, well, that is overwhelming!!! I'd like to get there and check things out and then stay here or there. One place up north has my attention, cuz of the beaches, and I'll be hunting down that 'no shoes, no shirt, no problemo' beach; but I know I also NEED to stay in town for the nite life. Sheesh... see da prob's us blonde chicks have?!??! confusion, confushion, konfushion!!! Any suggestions?!?! JK.. I've read all your great posts. I still think I just want to get there and pick and choose; my luck, I'll have ta bring da tent baby!! lol... So sadly, looks like you're going before me. But, if'n I hit dat whoppin CO lottery (whatta joke!) I'll just buy me a one way ticket........... are you asleep yet?? I'm sure da Pirate guy is by now!!! ciao for now...

email me if you'd like

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