Are you ready? Is the Motto/logo for SeaRious Adventure tours. I wanted to take the time after a 10 day trip that my boyfiend and I took to the Island of Sao Pedro/Belize to share our experience. We picked this spot because of the Reefs and the amazing snorkling. This wasn't a honeymoon trip, nor the once in a life time trip for us was a trip we wanted to do together, something different...Not the average Cancun, Bahamas or Florida trip. So, budgeting was important for us. Once we arrived on the island we enjoyed walking from one end to the other and we notice alot of people offering TOURS to AltunHa, Caye Cauker(all day snorkling and visit to another Caye) and Laminia, Shark Ray Alley. After inquiring with over 7 different offices....SEARIOUS ADVENTERS is where we ENDED up doing ALL our TOURS AND TRIPS. The best decision we've made since arriving. Willie and Sandy both run the show. They have excellent staff. We did 5 different trips with them.
An all day 9-5 trip to visit the Maya Ruins at AltunHa. This trip took us on a speed boat through the mangroves to a small city called Bomba where we met the REAL WOOD CARVERS (you'll see the occasional street vendor selling these back on the main land, don't be fooled they didn't carve them...put it's a living for them... which is cool). Then we took an bus ride to Altun Ha. Boy or Boy was that bus Ride ever fun...picture this...all adults, on vacation with VIPER RUM in there hands...hilarious ride. Ricky and Russ were great they new it all. They spotted all the cites for us and new the history. This trip ended with a 2-3 hour stay at the Jungle Resort were we went on Hoarse back rides used their pool facilities and ladies....get this ...a spa treatement.

Our Trip to Lamini was beautiful and hilarious Willie himself with Russ took us on this trip. From 7am (rise in shine folks it's worth it) until USUALLY 5:30 but we had such a blast we didn't come back until 7:30pm. These guys know their stuff and the history of Belize, wildlife and places to be. The day starts with a boat ride to a small town call Bomba, a amazing bus ride (you'll have fun) to a small little river where you take another boat ride 35km to your final desitnation Laminia. Here you'll see many many birds and lots of local fisher man even Meninites. When we arrived at Lamini we not only visited the ruins but also walked through the I have never seen trees that big.

Another trip you snorklers must take with Searious Adventers is the Caye Cauker trip. Jeffery was our guide we stopped at 4 didn't diving cites and visited Caye Cauker for lunch.

Manuel is the Man for the Shark Ray Alley trip with Searious Adventures. He had me hugging Nurse sharks and feeding Sting Rays.
AMAZING AMAZING is all I can say....a MUST.

Folks Sao Pedro was amazing. We stayed at Ramons Village for our first 5 days to experience the luxary...but the best part was when we moved to Little RUBY's the 5 start of economy rooms. Folks staying at Rubys' was a delight, clean, roomy and great ocean view. You must try their RUM cake and Johnny cakes...forget the bacon and pancakes for breakfast.

I wanted to extend a special thanks to Willie and Sandy for running a fine Adventure Tour business. You guys certaintly know your stuff and make these trips an experience of a life time.

Thank you
Valerie and Scott
visiting from Toronto, Canada

Put your mind to it...and enjoy!