I am going to Belize on May 10 through May 20. I am spending May 10 through May 13 at duPlooys in the Cayo District in Western Belize. On the 13th (around 4PM)I fly to San Pedro where I am staying at Ramon's. What I would really like to do is wear myself down while I'm at duPlooys and see and do as much as possible. It's a short stay but I want to cram as much as possible in those days and then when I get to AC I'll lay back and take it easy. With it being a short stay what suggestions would you make as to what I do (see). There seems to be so many ruins and I have no clue as to which ones would be the best. Also, has anyone been Cave Tubing? If so, is it worthwhile? This is offered as an activity by duPlooys. Any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated. If someone would like to write my BUSY itinerary for those days, go for it. But once in AC I'm chilling out! Never been to this area but want to make the best of it. Thanks.