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On a more serious note, I should stress that most of the people seeking help from the San Pedro AIDS Commission are from the heterosexual community, where all indicators suggest, the epidemic is spreading the most quickly in Belize.

You can't tell if someone is positive by looking at them. Be safe, get tested and don't take risks.

Only seems to make common sense that the majority of the AIDS problem is heterosexual. Especially here. I mean with all the people that sleep around with each other (and theres a lot of them), the tourists that come in and leave just as quickly, and the obvious lack of birth control use in general how could one think its more of a homosexual problem. I think its always been easier for straight people to say "oh your WAY more likely to get that if you are gay" Or "oh aids is bad in africa and other countries" we say these things because they make us feel safe to go do what we do with no consequences or thought. Aids is a REAL problem, straight/gay/black/white/belize/america whatever. If you are gonna be with multiple people and one night stands you need to KNOW its a real problem, and protect yourself in turn.

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