First off let me clarify that i am in total agreement, use a condom and protect yourself.

Now i will be controversial and tell of my REAL LIFE experiences of this subject and its the truth with regards to Hetrosexual activitys as I know nothing about the other types, and that is why I am commenting on what I know.

Whether you agree with it or not I am going to tell you of the goings on in a very high risk scenario

I am attached so it does not concern me, however I have lots of mates that are single and NON of them use Condoms when they sleep around, and a tiny fraction of the girls they sleep with insist on condoms and I mean a tiny fraction maybe one out of ten.

These guys are dogs, meaning they sleep around with multiple sex partners weekly and there sex partners for sure have sex with a different guy every night as they are working girls.

I have spent the past 2 years traveling around SE Asia diving riding my Harley etc and I have used Thailand as the base for this and if you don't know, Thailand has a huge sex industry with bars and girls freely available for just a few dollars.

The guys I am talking about are at the highest risk possible as their partners are in the sex industry and the girls probably sleep with a different guy every night and I can only presume if they don't make my friends wear condoms they don't with other customers..

These guys have been living in Thailand for 6 to 8 years sleeping around with prostitutes without using a condom, now I cant think of anyone that would be more at risk of contracting HIV yet none of these guys are positive. they get checked as its cheap and easy to do and they are clear.

Are they Lucky ? i guess so because I have a good friend whom is in my Pool team, that is hetrosexual who is HIV positive, and he is not a promiscuous guy and has been married to the same lady when he contracted it.

He has been married to an infected person for 4 years before he contracted it from her, she knew she had it but did not tell him because it would mean everyone would avoid her and look down on her.

It took 2 years of living with her as man and wife for him to catch it from an infected woman.

Another case which I heard of here was a guy that came and took a lady back to live with him in the states and was married for 6 years and then contracted HIV from his Thai wife whom he had been married for the past 6 years, she also knew she had HIV but did not tell him, it took 6 years living as man and wife for him to contract it. She was imprisoned in the states for her actions.

I have also heard of several girls dying of Aids so it is definately spreading via hetrosexual sex but seems to be a very small percentage and that women are way more at risk.

I think it also has to be said that Thai guys often sleep with whats called Ladyboys and that basically is homosexual sex and then they go back to sleep with lady,s increasing the risk.

The reality is very few guys wear condoms and very few women insist they wear one.

In my experience the indications are it is very difficult for a man to contract HIV from a woman where as the other way round its quite easy for a Woman to contract from a man.

I see there is statistical data to show that is the case too.

The attitude is from all the guys I have spoken too who sleep around with working girls is they don't believe its a threat as they have slept around for years and years with high risk partners without so much as a case of VD and they still think it is a homosexual disease as those are the majority of those infected.

(thats not my view just telling you what I am told.)


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