yes, 2 vets! Wouldn't that be grand? Heck yes it would be great! Mike DeShield was our vet - we had to fly him over from the main land and thankfully he was always willing to come to care for our then 12 year old girl who got liver disease - and with his treatment and skill she fully recovered to live to be 21 years old! Vets our hugely important to all of us - and I would love to see access to vets for everyone - cost wise and geographically.

As far as the income dropping at SAGA without vet employment that is an issue but with some regrouping and restructuring it could continue to stay open, fund raise to cover basic operating expenses and staff salaries, as a shelter facility and conduit for the community for spay/neuter coordination with vets, education outreach, and provide safe caring shelter for adoptees and other animals in need. I don't know if it could do anything like distribute prescription meds, but it could do flea treatments. The private vet could be referred to clients by SAGA for discounted or free meds and treatment if the SPAF and FOSP donations come in to cover that. May be easier said than done, but I am just suggesting an alternative plan in the instance the vet license is not granted, on this go round with the Vet Board. A gap will exist and we humans can surely cooperate and figure out how to cover that gap. The alternative is just close SAGA's doors? If that happens, perhaps another charity will be able to meet the community's vet needs in cooperation with vets on and off island. There are many possibilities and I don't think shutting down discussion is a good idea - anything could happen, a license granted, or not. Hopefully this will be a moot point and the license granted. But if not, then what?