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At this point you can only be for or against , they are on their last leg

This is where we disagree, Tim. I don't think they are on their last legs. There has been an awful lot of hype and unsupported alarmism, but I think the truth is different. And the attitude "you're for them or you're against them" is certainly what has been promulgated but I don't think is warranted or helpful.

On a quick check (I am open to correction on this) I have been unable to discover any humane society anywhere in Belize that has its own commercially-capable vet when there is a private vet nearby. It seems that all or certainly most other humane societies have found a way of working with a commercial vet and surviving. How is SAGA so different?

But as I said I am actually pro-SAGA, just not pro-hysteria. Although I am not sure it's the best solution (and in fact I don't think it'll work long-term) I agree that SAGA should have its own vet if it believes it needs one, and I did sign the petition some time ago. So far as I'm concerned it's in the hands of the Vet Board now. I doubt if they'll approve a "full" vet (one that can do commercial work) but more likely they'll approve one licensed to do just charitable work.

Has anyone spotted that our commercial vet Laurie has gone on record as saying she would like SAGA to have its own vet? And that she denies ever asking the Vet Board not to approve a licence for one?