Marty - I am sure that your position supporting SAGA's claim that they must have their own vet to survive is honestly held, and I am equally sure that many other people are equally convinced of their positions. I don't know - the accounts that have just been published go nowhere close to that issue - only people working within SAGA can know that for certain as only they have access to the relevant information.

But even if they do get their own commercially-enabled vet, they are now in a new world. Like it or not there is now a well-equipped commercial vet clinic 100 yards away, and that changes the game. My quick analysis of the published accounts suggests that employing a vet has not been the cash cow SAGA would have us believe, though that conclusion is admittedly shaky as the necessary figures are not in the public arena. Whatever, the existence of the commercial vet is undoubtedly going to have a negative impact on SAGA's income, possibly a large one.

I guess only time will tell.