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Susan from the Woodlands....

Where are you staying? Would you like to meet a fellow Texan for a drink? We are traveling with a group of Texans all from Houston. We are staying at the Victoria House.


Hi Helen! We are staying at VH, too! We have a party of 11 Houstonians with us (mix of family and friends) so we rented to big house - Casa Azul. Come by and say hello! You won't need to look too far...we'll be all the people having fun and enjoying Tony's (the bartender) famous Mr. Green cocktails! It's always great to meet fellow Texans while we are on AC. I cannot tell you how many people we've become friends with who lived in our area but that we didn't meet until we were at VH or on the island somewhere. It becomes a very small world for Texans in Belize!!

See you then,