Jackieo, we brought the floats with us. Karin bought them at Target and they are perfectly flat so easy to pack, and then we blew them up at the pool and then when our week was up, we gave them to some of the local children who we had befriended while there. They loved them. We also used them in the ocean right outside of the hotel and did a lazy type of snorkeling. We floated on the floats and used our masks and snorkels and looked over the edge of the floats. The kids laughed at us so hard, they thought we were crazy. We did bring our own coffee but the room had a coffee maker and filters so it was no problem. Also, there are ice trays in the freezer and at Seven Seas, they have a 2 Gallon (I think it was 2 gallons)container of bottled water in the fridge waiting for you and then they sell them in the office if you need more. I took more stuff than I needed. The bare minimum is what I used. I am a very low maintenance type of girl though, so some may need more than I did. Any toiletries you forget, you can find in the big grocery store. It did get a little cool some evenings with the breeze, so a light weight sweater or long sleeve shirt may be helpful. They did have some books in the office, mostly looked like they were geared more towards reading for girls, so if you have any books that some guys may like to read, that would be great. We left alot of things for the kids. We had some candy we gave them, we took polaroid pictures of us with them and gave them to the kids, they loved seeing pictures develope before their eyes, we gave them plastic cups with the lids that have straws in them, ( we had been using those to carry our own little mixed drinks around in when we went walking), a bottle of bubbles that we had brought, and of course the floats, and Karin was going to throw out her flippers and mask after this trip, but instead she gave them to one of the kids. Watching their faces light up when we gave them all of these little things was the best part of the trip. Really such little things, but the happiness it brought to them was so great. The kids there love playing in the water and they all are snorkeling at such young ages though not all have masks, many share one. If you could find some inexpensive masks for them I am sure they would love it. Also, what kid doesn't love a new pack of crayons or a pad of paper to draw on. I think anything would be welcomed and noone would be offended. They give so much of themselves to us when we come to their island, it only felt right to try and give something back to them. You are so sweet to ask and to want to do something. Your kindness will not go unnoticed I assure you. [Linked Image]
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