The rafts are a great idea,and just leave them when you have to go home. I also had 2 pair of reading glasses that got somewhat scratched while there (got them at a local drug store) and asked the maid if she knew anyone who wanted them..she was thrilled.. she needed some! For the kids...beads and other craft items for their bracelets, necklaces,etc. Also candy for the kids or other candy that does not melt..mints, lifesavers, sweet tarts,etc. Also, I have heard that the women need clothing of all kinds..shorts, tops. We also take tee-shirts from our local sports teams..they love them. Also, you can donate money directly to the schools. Have heard not to give money to the kids for this purpose, but to give to the schools instead...must be some "middle man" involved if you give to the kids directly.

Mary and Scott