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Pica Pica and the effects are actually caused by the offspring of the thimble jellyfish which appear in the millions around this time of year.

many people think that the thimble jellyfish is the actual culprit of the stinging however Adult thimble jellyfish do not cause any sting, however this time of year the thimble jellyfish are doing the wild thing and there offspring which are microscopic are the real culprits of the rashs and stings.

People think that by wearing a wetsuit will protect the wearer however because the offspring are very very small when the wetsuit fills up with water the critters are in the water and still sting.

So how do we battle these little monsters.

Normal areas affected are the under arm area stomach under the chin and neck area.

vaseline is very good as it forms a protective layer over the skin however be careful not to use Petroleum vaseline if you are using a a silicone mask as it will dinitigrate the silicone so only use non petroleum vaseline.

that is a preventative measure but what if you have already been stung.

A vinigar solution is best to nutrelize the stinging cells and just apply to sensative areas immediately after getting out of the water.

then apply a good antihistamine cream to the area to stop the itching.

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