Not sure if what I got was this pica pica thing, But I developed a rash which I thought might be a heat rash with the way it looked about 3 days before we left to come home. It started out on the back of my arms then proceeded down the rest of my arm. Great thing to happen when all you want to do is show off your great tan and you have to keep it covered because you look like you have the plague. We got home on a Saturday and by Monday it spread to my legs. Needless to say I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for a cortizon cream (over the counter wasn't helping) and had me take Aphran. This helped a lot and was gone within three or four days. I thought maybe I'd had an allergic reaction to something I'd maybe eaten. I hate when things like this happen, just kinda creeps me out. Still have no idea what it actually was.