Please pass this on if possible:
Hi, Buck [Linked Image] Not that we haven't been SO worried, but we know that you are a survivor. How would we in Wyoming know you'd need to know how to deal with a hurricane instead of a snow cave? Your family and friends anxiously await your safe return and look forward to hearing about the events of the last few days via your brand of storytelling. The reservation is made, the invites are there, Thursday, 7pm, Nani's. Abby (and her girls) will appreciate your presence at her wedding.
We love you so much. Dad & caribou, Mom & Ronnie, Joseph & Bill, Camille with heels & eye make-up, Nani & Papa, DeeDee, the Noyans & Heinrichs, Ryan, Lane & Grizzly, and many others. Stai bene, figlio nostro. Vediamo subito.