Hello all,

I am brand new on the board and have planned a trip down there on August 19th. There will be 5 other guys traveling with me and we are staying at the Caribbean Villas. We may take a fishing trip on one day but for the most part we are just coming down there to relax. So, having said that, I have a couple of questions if you guys could help me out.

First, we are all guitar players but do not want to trust the airlines with damaging one of our guitars. Is there a music store in town that we could rent a guitar for the week? We would prefer a steel string guitar but a nylon string would work.

Secondly, we are still debating how we are going to get there from the airport. We don't mind taking a water taxi but don't know anything about it. Is it possible to grab a case of beer for the trip or do you just sit there for the ride?

Thanks in advance for any help and hope to meet some of you when we are down there.