Four children were selected by their peers as the kindest kids in their class while participating in the Be Kind Belize humane education program during the last academic year. Two children from Holy Cross - Ranesha Mendez and Omar Gonzalez and two from Island Academy - Kyla Couch and Dorian Sanchez won the top prize which was helicopter ride sponsored by the very wonderful Astrum Helicopters.

The aim of the prize was to allow the children to observe how beautiful and precious the environment around Ambergris Caye is and to leave a lifelong impression on them as to how important it is to preserve this for the future.

Only two of the children, Ranesha and Kyla, were able to take the ride and they truly will never forget the experience during which we flew all the way to Rocky Point to see where the reef meets the caye. As they were flying over the reef, the amazing pilot, Mr. Gustavo Giron Sr., took them low and pointed out marine life that we could see from above such as Spotted Eagle Rays.

The community of San Pedro should be very proud of these children as they have set an excellent example as to why kindness and responsibility are so important,” commented Colette Kase of Be King Belize. Many thanks to Astrum Helicopters for their very generous donation and unbelievable dedication to making sure that these children had this incredible opportunity.”