wherever you go, there UR!
I figger- from the Virgin Islands to the "Mayan Riviera" to the Bay Islands to obscure litle spits of sand surrounded by Caribbean seas virtually denuded of fish, (all manner of places I've visited/dived/fished since the 1970s), the stampede to the island life continues, arguably slowed by the Big Recession, but poised for a huge intake of air as the next round of over-development will drive the continued collapse of fisheries and marginal infrastructure, etc. I'm very glad to have visited, and to continue to visit, those pockets I can find where some semblance of those things visitors seek still exist-- such as quiet, solitude, tranquility, natural beauty, fresh air, vibrant cultures, healthy people, healthy wildlife, healthy reefs, great food. Somehow, my moving "there" seems to me to be in conflict with a personal desire to "leave no trace behind". Hard enuf to really live that in the U.S. but I fear the more people, of any ilk, who move to these fragile environments, the more the infrastructure crumbles (or never gets to catch up to demand and fails anyway) and the more these tiny places become crowded, piled high with garbage, reefs are choked by runoff and sewage, etc. Just doesn't seem sustainable in the long run.