I have lived in San Pedro for over 3 years and have only seen one "owned" beach dog that was potentially vicious. The majority of owned and unowned dogs are very social and enjoy each others company. My best days ever on this island are watching the dogs play and run and jump around in the ocean. I have watched visitors adopt them while they are here, giving them food and affection. I have seen kids hit dogs with their hands or with sticks, for no apparent reason. My dog comes with me everywhere, not only because he is family, but to also protect me from some vicious humans. Sit on the beach, watch 10 bicycles go by and notice which one gets barked at......its never a tourist. Dogs by far, are smarter than most people. They do not generally attack unless provoked or are protecting their owner/property. More people should watch the Dog Whisperer and learn how to approach dogs or what to do in case of a potential attack.