Before I moved to San Pedro I was terrified of dogs. The dogs here have taught me so much. Much like the folks who have lived here for a long time, the dogs all get along. They have their rituals and heirarchy and territories and an understanding of these.
Having adopted a couple of pot-lickers I started watching the Dog Whisper and have learned how to be the alpha dog. Even the "pack" at the bridge no longer scare me. I do not run from them; I stop - look then in the eye and say "sisst." Shocking that it actually stops them.

AND - no - I do not need reminded that two of my dogs are among the free that so many people don't like.

How often do you remind people to not come here and try to change the people already here? I feel the same way about dogs. With the proliferation of petty crime dogs are our best safeguard.

Take only pictures leave only bubbles