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Baby steps are just that..it will probably take many years. We have made some progress with the locals understanding its not a sin to spay and neuter but still many still think that way. Yet what is amazing is that they think its OK to put new born puppies in a bag a dump them. We struggle everyday to educate owners on simple things, going to their houses explaining about worming, vaccines, nutrition and yes how to contain their dogs in a safe and humane manner yet still many, many villagers leave their dogs to the street, or as they say ..Giving Their dogs back to the street. Belize does have a leash law, but dont go to the Police as its a matter they wont address. People here are poor, cant feed their dogs and feel they have a better chance on the streets. You cant jump into a poor Country and change a Culture in any quick manner. On San Pedro go to SAGA if their is a problem animal, they are very good. If you have a neighbor with a nuisance dog the best step may be to offer to build him a fence, or a dog run, take him some literature explaining diseases the dog can get on the streets and bring home to his family. One family at a time, one dog at a time..educating one child at a time...and working with the Government to enforce its laws...will take awhile..

Thats all well and good but I have lived in places were the dogs were allowed to run. Many ended up turning wild and forming packs. In packs dogs become aggressive and dangerous and they had to be eliminated. We have had the same experience on North Ambergris Caye. We really need an animal control department to pick up all loose dogs and carry them to the pound until their owner comes for them. The Humane Society is really great but for it or SAGA to be effective there must also be animal control by the Town Council not just periodic poisonings which is very cruel and not effective. Loose dogs are a health hazard and should be treated as such.