I have a few questions concerning NEMO??? Who is NEMO? What is the purpose of NEMO? Six or eight weeks ago there was a storm called Alex and the storm was approximately 40 mile an hour winds when it crossed Caye Caulker, the tourist police came into my restaurant, I had approximately 60 or 70 customers and they said I had to close my bar completely. I said I have several food orders in the kitchen and they said I could serve them in to go boxes as people have to leave. I said to the tourist police that there are about 40 or 45 people that have not eaten yet and they said they had to get out. My question is this what authority does NEMO have to shut down the whole island with 40 mile an hour winds? It was not a hurricane, it was a weak Tropical Storm. What I call there actions that day is abuse to the people that live on Caye Caulker. The past Tropical Storm called Matthew, one of my customers got a phone call at 9PM Thur. night and Matthew was just about to enter Central America. She is apparently a member of NEMO and she said the message was to start evacuation of Caye Caulker. I understand she made some phone calls. I watched several hundred tourists leave the island the following morning, 2 and 3 boats at a time and the storm was just entering Nicaragua at the time with 40 mile an hour winds. They also shut the water taxi down, where do these people called NEMO get all this authority to shut down our island any time they feel like it for no reason. My daddy taught me well if it is raining go in the house you won’t get wet and I don’t need NEMO running my life. It is abuse and wrong. One last question when is NEMO going to stop abusing the residents of Caye Caulker? No other city or village in the country gets this kind of abuse.