Just had my 100 amp safety switch gutted by some thieves at the cafe (took the 2 main fuses and damaged some wiring). Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with this. The guys from BEL and a couple other locals said that they have issues with this in Belize City, but they don't really hear about it in SP.

Really sucked because I think it happened on Saturday afternoon after we closed, so we didn't know that we didn't have power until late in the evening on Sunday. We got the distinct privilege of buying lots of fruits, veggies, and meats that spoiled. No bueno...especially on a Monday!

Anyways, we're back open for business and serving up eggs, bacon, toast, breakfast wraps, omelets, french toast etc for anyone who is interested. And its all under $12 bzd. I know....shameless plug. Gotta do what we can to survive the slow season. smile