U.S. gives Belize U.S. $5 million for police development

The Belize Police Department will benefit from a US$5 million grant to beef up itís capabilities for improved border inspection, and better policing. The money will be used to buy police equipment, and for capacity building.

United States Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central America and the Caribbean, Julissa Reynoso handed over the grant at a ceremony in Belmopan last Friday

Reynoso said Belize has not been ignored and is an integral part of CARSI.

CARSI has contributed significantly to Belize in security matters delivering two to three million dollars a year for projects Belize and the region have identified as of high priority.

She said the United States stands ready and willing to engage and to put money in Belize and the other countries.

The Central American Regional Security Initiative is known as CARSI, which has assisted Belize with some US $6 million over the years.

The Reporter