This coming Friday, boxing aficionados will convene at the Biltmore for what is intended to be a revival of the very physical sport. This station is closely following the comeback and will air the matches after the evening news. Tonight we feature twenty-three year old Max ‘Pain’ Williams, an up and coming boxer who signed up for Friday’s exhibition match. At five feet, nine inches with three wins and two losses, he will be taking on a Mexican opponent. News Five’s Jose Sanchez has the stats on “The Pain”.

Jose Sanchez, Reporting

Max "Pain" Williams

Not many people are aware of the existence of the dungeon at the Belize City Center. Beneath the structure, there is a dark passage way that leads to a door. If you dare to walk through the rancid pools of water to reach the dungeon’s doorway, you would still have to walk through broken glass. But inside the small space bounded by dull lights and bland walls, are a few used instruments awaiting to be mastered by gladiators of the ring.

Max ‘The Pain’ Williams intends to do just that in the ring this Friday, as a chosen fighter in the exhibition matches against Mexico.

Max ‘Pain’ Williams, Boxer

“I’ve trained for five years now and we noh di get the amount of fight weh we suppose to get and I want reach pro so I want this fight bad. Bad, bad, bad. As bad as anybody could get wah fight because this fight wah tell me if I ready fi go dah pro next year. Well it kinda hard because they noh really got fighters ina my weight. They got fighters ina my weight but they noh wah fight me. Whenever deh see who deh wah fight they either noh show up or they just noh come. So ih hard fi get wah fight right now but this fight right yah, I hope this one yah happen and I wah prove miself and tell everybody come out and see the fight and thing.”

By day Max works as a security guard at Safeway Drugstore on Central American Boulevard. By night he is a gladiator.

Max ‘Pain’ Williams

“I noh do hard work. I do security. So ih noh really di give me no strain fi di work out. But just the hours I can’t get weh I want fi the work out. I di run like six miles right now—three go three come back, ina the gym everyday fi wah two hours. Basically I di do everything I could fi get ina shape fi this fight.”

Williams has inspired his nephew and cousin who have decided to join him in the gym.

Tom Jones, Nephew of Max ‘Pain’ Williams

Tom Jones

“Actually, Mister Williams dah my uncle. Like di man study push effort and thing fi come dah gym and den deh. Man wake wi dah mawning run wah three miles four miles. Well actually I deh with he fi six miles—three miles go three miles come back. The man push effort and thing so I think the man wah do good pan this fight and thing. Like how ih seh, everybody always run from ahn.”

Jose Sanchez

“What do you like about his fighting style? What is it that you see?”

Shaheem Adolphus

Shaheem Adolphus, Cousin, of Max ‘Pain’ Williams

“Well ih di push effort. Sometimes, ih come from work ih come straight dah gym. Sometimes ih just send my cousin fi come hail me fi come practice.”

Jose Sanchez

“And what you think dah Max strongpoint—left hand right hand uppercut? What do you think?”

Shaheem Adolphus

“Well ih right.”

Max ‘Pain’ Williams

“A win for the county and put Belize on the map.”

As one youth sprays it on the ground, now is the time for Boxing. Reporting for News Five, Jose Sanchez.

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