San Pedro businessman thought to be US fugitive arrested

A local businessman, one Ricardo Caveras, general manager of the Ambergris Caye office of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, was arrested today by San Pedro police, along with officers from the police department in Lower Southampton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and the U.S. Embassy.

Caveras, alias Richard D. Cover, Jr., is wanted in Pennsylvania for parole violation, security fraud and other fraud related cases under that name, in addition to pending investigations on other fraud cases.

A detective from Lower Southampton, who identified Caveras and alerted the FBI in Pennsylvania, told our island source that, “Cover is a number one scumball who has ripped off many people’s life savings.”

Caveras is also said to have lived in Panama under the name “R.J. Erwin” and in Costa Rica under another alias before coming to Belize. He had been living and working in San Pedro since last year.

He is also said to be being investigated for bigamy, supposedly for having one wife in Belize with one child, and another in the U.S. with whom he has triplets and another child for a total of four children in the US.

The accused businessman has said that he is a Belizean citizen, born in Orange Walk to a Belizean mother who migrated to the U.S. shortly after his birth, but he is said to have entered Belize on a U.S. passport and said nothing about having Belizean citizenship.


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