Residents of the DFC Area are worried about the constant sightings of crocodiles looming in the neighborhood and are afraid that these animals will one day attack a person. DFC resident, Francis Eiley submitted these pictures to Ambergris Today after he and his neighbors managed to capture one that attempted to cross the street. They properly secured the animal and returned it to the wild away from the neighborhood.
    "They keep coming back," commented Francis Eiley. "The same crocodile was spotted in the are not to long ago after we put it in the mangrove."
    Francis says that he has spotted more crocodiles underneath his neighbor's house and is very concerned that they will become problematic for the area residents. He mentioned that one crocodile has eaten a neighborhood dog and maybe others that he is not aware of.
    "Neighbors are constantly afraid of an attack at any time and we are hoping the proper authorities can do something about this and come to help us."