As of Monday, November 8, 2010, Ambergris Today takes a giant leap forward in providing a new and better service by making the switch from a weekly newsprint to a Daily Online news service. We are very excited with the launch of our NEW Website that will be a daily source of news and entertainment for our readers both locally and now even broader international audience.

With this new initiative, we are no longer printing newspapers on Thursdays and all of our services will be offered online. Our blogspot will no longer be used for daily posts - everything is going into our news section of the new ambergris today site. Thus I would like to make a formal request that you stop all copy and pasting of our online content to your website/news service. As you can see we will now start depending on online visits and hits to make an income from our advertisers and we cannot allow other sites to copy our content and have them receives the hits instead of us. You may share our headlines and a picture (only) if you like but with a direct link to the particular story or feature in our website for your visitors to be able to access the entire article. If you are interested in sharing the full article we can allow you to do so at a nominal fee which can be agreed upon by both parties.

Ambergris Today wishes to keep a good relationship with other websites, but I hope that you understand that we have to take this action in order for our new service to be successful.