They are also claiming over a million hits a day.

hardy har har

when they count a million hits, they are MAYBE counting in all the images also. load a page. the page is one hit. each image on the page is a hit. load one page, with 20 pics, get 21 hits

or its just total BS

Alexa is the neilsen rating service for the net. the best one anyway

looking them up there, i see:

number 3,000,000_+

san pedro sun

number 1,400,000

the Sun is twice as busy

more or less. thats a ranking, not a total visitors thing. but there is a traffic tab button on the stat page for each domain, but you have to be at a certainlevel of traffic before they keep track. gets like 10-15,000 unique hosts, users, (if they come on twice in a day the other times are not in this number) per day.

we are rated like #133,000 in alexa: , as the busiest and most visited website on Belize. so no WAY the Ambergris Today is getting a million unique VISITORS per day.