UPDATE on stabbing incident

Lionel Pinelo

New information in the Lionel Pinelo case have surfaced. Our sources within the police department reveal that Pinelo was initially involved in an argument that had ensued at the Los Compadres bar, to which the police department was called and responded.
Upon reaching the establishment, our sources inform, the argument was calmed. Afterwards, Mr. Pinelo left the establishment and went out to town. This incident reportedly occurred at around 9:30pm.
At around 11:30pm a second group of individuals were reportedly involved in another argument around the same area, also involving Mr. Pinelo. Information reaching our offices are that Mr. Pinelo was on a golf cart with four other individuals driving by a nearby establishment in the Boca Del Rio area. They saw three young men standing in front of the establishment. A bottle was thrown towards the direction of the golf cart.
As quickly as this happened, the driver of the golf cart stopped and reversed. Seeing that there were only three young men standing in front of the establishment, the five guys on the golf cart took this as an opportunity to retaliate and an argument ensued.
Unbeknownst to the passengers of the golf cart, there were an additional four young men inside the establishment, who quickly joined the three standing outside when the argument commenced. During the altercation, 24 year old Lionel Pinelo was stabbed once to the upper left rib cage. He was transported to Belize City where he succumbed to his injuries.
Police initially detained seven individuals in relation to the case. Two were released, and the other five are being detained pending the outcome of the investigation. Responsible parties are looking at charges of Murder and Conspiracy to commit Murder. A formal charge is expected by Tuesday November 9th.