After an amazing 7 day trip to AC in October, I am already booked again for a long weekend trip in December. Thanks to every one that offered advice to the hows/whats I asked about for my first trip.
Couple questions for this new trip in December....

What do you "expect" the weather will be like at this time? ( I know anything can change..but your best guess early December?)

Any options on cheaper flights on Tropic Air to San Pedro Town? Any special deals going? ( My first trip the resort booked the flights, and it was $120 US)

Whats the Palapa Bar like at night? I spent 3 afternoons there, and fell in love with the place. Whats its like after the sun goes down?

What is the best weather forecast link for AC? I noticed on my last trip, that the Belize City predictions were always overcast and raining, but out on the AC, the weather was beautiful!

Thanks in advance for anyone's response!